Sri Ambal Thulasi Public School
Senior Secondary - CBSE

Affiliation No : 1930705

Individual and team Sports events are conducted for all the students and the points scored by them will add to their corresponding house. The house that scores the maximum points will be awarded with the Rolling Trophy for Sports on Sports Day. The members of each house add points to their respective houses, as they win in the intra and inter school competitions, school assembly and by their behaviour in the school campus. The house which scores the maximum points will be cockhorse awarded with the Rolling - Trophy on the Annual day.

    SATPS Possess four houses
  • Gryffindor - red house their motto which they are "always passionate"
  • Hufflepuff - green house they are "pervasive in nature and also to prosper"
  • Ravenclaw - blue house they "broaden their perspective in learning new information"
  • Slytherin - green house they "optimistic and inquisitiveness in nature"