Our Facilities

Most classrooms have a large writing surface where the Teacher or students can share notes with other members of the class. All classrooms are spacious , designed to be environmentally friendly and have ample natural light and ventilation. Teaching aids include smart class Extra marks boards and other modern learning tools. Interactive green board are used to display the students creative skills.

Furniture arrangement :

  • Classrooms have had one set up straight rows of desk facing the front of the classroom.
  • The row style allows teacher’s ample amount of space to walk around.
  • Students are assigned individual lockers for keeping their personal belongings and common wooden cupboard is provided to keep the other note books and a notice board to pin up circulars , timetable & day to day news etc..,

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SATPS has a well stocked library with close to 2000 books on a wide range of subjects- fiction, non-fiction, biographies, short stories, poems, general knowledge and subject specific reference books- to cater to the needs of young and hungry minds.

Regular periods are given in the Time - Table. The students can also make use of the library in their leisure hours or after the schools hours

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  • Laboratories are designed to accommodate a range of interesting experiments and learning tools.
  • Experimentation forms an integral part of Science teaching.
  • Well equipped with all necessary gadgets for theoretical and practical classes in Work Experience.

Well equipped science laboratory with good infrastructure , to inculcate the research ability in pupil’s , we have a weekly science club activity like recycling waste water, germination of seeds which is carried out in science lab.

Individual practical will be conducted to solve the real problems encountered during experimental classes. Using microscopes, spectrometer, Electrolysis.

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Experimentation featuring the latest computers with advanced software and high speed internet connection. Primary and secondary level students use the computers based on their curriculum . This facilitate our students to gain in depth knowledge in advanced technology. The higher class students have access to the computer science laboratory throughout the week and are encouraged to do programs in order to improve their skills. Credibility that is based on in depth of knowledge , information technology and faith in our intellectual Endeavour.

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Great care and emphasis is placed on dining facilities and vegetarian cuisine is offered to children.

Meals with fruits are planned according to the dietary needs of the children, which are wholesome and nutritious.

The typical meal times at SATPS include:

  • Juice / Milk break
  • Lunch
  • Milk break with snacks

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SATPS Possess four houses .

  • Gryffindor - red house their motto which they are "always passionate"
  • Hufflepuff - green house they are "pervasive in nature and also to prosper"
  • Ravenclaw - blue house they "broaden their perspective in learning new information"
  • Slytherin - green house they "optimistic and inquisitiveness in nature"

Individual and team Sports events are conducted for all the students and the points scored by them will add to their corresponding house. The house that scores the maximum points will be awarded with the Rolling Trophy for Sports on Sports Day.

The members of each house add points to their respective houses, as they win in the intra and inter school competitions, school assembly and by their behaviour in the school campus. The house which scores the maximum points will be cockhorse awarded with the Rolling - Trophy on the Annual day.


At SATPS, all necessary comforts of students have been taken into account when planning infrastructure and other facilities. The emphasis is on creating a conducive atmosphere for the children to feel that they are at home away from home. The dining hall and kitchen area are well maintained . All service staff have uniforms. School buses ply between the city – centre of students and teachers The fenced campus has 24- hour security guards for the safety of all residents.

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