Guidelines to Parents

Parents are requested:

  • To abide by the rules and regulations of the school.
  • To respond immediately when requested by the school.
  • To pay the school fees in time.
  • To arrange to drop and pick-up the child from the bus stop, especially children upto class III.
  • To send their children to school using only a safe mode of transport.
  • To send their children dressed in prescribed clean uniform.
  • To strictly regulate TV viewing by the children.
  • To encourage reading of books in English.
  • To contact the Principal/ class teacher to discuss their child’s performance and behavior on the last Friday of every month after 3.00p.m
  • To cooperate with the school if there are behavioral and learning difficulties for the child and to implement recommended remedial measures.
  • To intimate the requirement of leave in advance, and absence especially in case of illness immediately.
  • Not to apply for leave during exams and on special days.
  • To ensure that the child attends school on the reopening and closing days of every term and has an attendance of not less than 95% of the working days in an academic year.
  • To send a written request to the principal if the child has to leave the school during working hours and personally collect the child from the school.
  • To impart, install and inculcate such discipline, values and behaviors in their children that would build exemplary character.
  • To sign everyday in the school Chronicle.
  • To ensure the study habits everyday by 6.00 pm.

Dress Code

Dress Code for the Students :

  • Wear the prescribed school uniform, flash and clean.
  • Wear well polished shoes with clean socks.
  • Follow good personal hygiene and cleanliness.
  • Do not wear expensive jewels to school.
Standard Weekday Uniform
Kindergarten Monday Caramel with Navy Blue
Tuesday Grey with red
Wednesday Turquoise with pink
Thursday Orange with white
Friday Green with yellow

Standard Boys Girls
I Std to III Std Trouser and half sleeve shirt & Sleeveless overcoat Pinafore
IV Std & V Std Pant & Half sleeve shirt & sleeveless overcoat Multi fleet skirt with half sleeve shirt & sleeveless overcoat
VI Std & VII Std Pant with full sleeve shirt & sleeveless overcoat Pant with full sleeve shirt & sleeveless overcoat